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Data Science Capstone

DSC 180AB, Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 at UC San Diego

Winter 2023 Schedule

Hi! This site will soon be updated with details about the 2023-24 offering of the capstone. In the meantime, feel free to browse around, or look at this year’s finished projects at

1Jan. 9Project Management
2Jan. 16Collaborating with GitStarting Week 2, Participation questions are due 24 hours before discussion meetings.

These are required and are to be submitted as a group. They are different from the participation questions from Quarter 1.
3Jan. 23Effective CommunicationWeek 3 TA Check-In (sign up by Jan. 20)
4Jan. 30Posters and Oral Presentations
5Feb. 6WebsitesReport checkpoint and code checkpoint (due Feb. 12)
6Feb. 13No further methodology lessonsPoster checkpoint (due Feb. 19)
7Feb. 20Website checkpoint (due Feb. 26)
8Feb. 27Week 8 TA Check-In (sign up by Feb. 26, complete by Mar. 3)
9Mar. 6Poster (due Mar. 9)
Submission Link
10Mar. 13Report, code, website, and contribution statement (due. Mar. 14)

In-person showcase on Mar. 15

Fall 2022 Schedule

You may want to reference the methodology lessons from Quarter 1 while working on your Quarter 2 project.

1Sept. 26Live: Introduction
MA 1 (due Oct. 2)
2Oct. 3Project OrganizationMA 2 (due Oct. 9)Starting Week 2, Participation questions are due 24 hours before discussion meetings.

These are in addition to any tasks or readings your mentor assigned you.
3Oct. 10Scientific Writing
4Oct. 17Containerization with DockerMA 3 (due Oct. 23)
5Oct. 24Software Development
Live: Introduction to Introductions
Mid-Quarter Feedback FormQ1 Project Checkpoint (due Oct. 30)
6Oct. 31 πŸŽƒLong-Running Jobs
Live: Exploratory Data Analysis
7Nov. 7Quarter 2 Project ProposalMA 4 (due Nov. 13)
8Nov. 14ExamplesMA 5 (due Nov. 23)
9Nov. 21No methodology lessons or lecture help sessions
10Nov. 28Q1 Project (due Dec. 5)

Q2 Project Proposal (due Dec. 5)