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πŸ“† Office Hours

Note: This page only contains the office hours schedule for methodology office hours.

  • To see the areas of expertise for each TA, and to see the TA assigned to your domain (who you will check in with in Weeks 3 and 8), check the πŸ™‹Staff page.
  • Ask your domain mentor for their office hours (or check the Domains and Mentors sheet linked at the top right); they will not appear in this calendar.

The modality of each office office hour is included in the calendar.

  • Suraj’s in-person office hours will usually be held on Mondays in Center 119, during the Monday live lecture slot (the Wednesday and Friday live lecture slots are not being used at all). Starting Week 4, Suraj’s office hours will be held in SDSC 244E (his office) + Zoom.
  • The TAs’ in-person office hours will usually be held on the second floor of the east wing of the San Diego Supercomputer Center (map). Enter SDSC from the east entrance on Hopkins Drive, take the elevator up to the second floor, turn left at the kitchen, and meet in the common area. You may need a code to access SDSC – see EdStem.
  • Some office hours are held hybridly or remotely; to join those office hours remotely, click the Zoom link below.

Zoom Link

If you’d like to meet with someone and can’t make it to their office hours, feel free to send them an email to schedule an appointment; emails can be found on the Staff page.