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Data Science Capstone

DSC 180AB, Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 at UC San Diego

This is the student-facing course website for the 2023-24 offering of the capstone sequence. See for more general information.

Winter 2024 Schedule

These are all in addition to Weekly Participation Assignments, which are due on Sundays at 11:59PM. All groups must fill these out, no matter what other requirements your mentors give you.
1Read the Syllabus and Quarter 2 Project specifications.
Start attending sections.
Submit your first Weekly Participation Assignment as a group by Sunday, January 14th; make sure to submit a PDF to Gradescope and, as a one time step, to share your Google Doc with us.
2Keep working!
3Sign up for and attend your Week 3 TA Check-In.
4Sign up for an Ethics Check-In with Professor David Danks.
5Submit your report checkpoint and code checkpoint by Sunday, February 11th.
Attend an Ethics Check-In between February 6th and 16th.
6Submit your poster checkpoint by Sunday, February 18th.
7Submit your website checkpoint by Sunday, February 25th.
Update your poster to follow the new branding guidelines.
8Sign up for and attend a Week 8 TA Check-In, where you will present a dry run of your poster presentation.
RSVP for your block at the showcase.
9Keep working!
10Submit your poster by Sunday, March 10th at this link.
Submit your report, code, website, and contribution statement by Thursday, March 14th.
Follow the instructions here to submit your work.
🗣️ Present at the in-person capstone showcase Friday, March 15th from 11AM-2:30PM.

Fall 2023 Schedule

Lessons are released on Wednesdays by 11:59PM.
Assignments are due on Tuesdays at 11:59PM.
Live on Monday, Oct. 2: Introduction (🎥 recording)
1Servers I: Accessing DSMLPMA 1 (due Oct. 9)
Welcome Survey (due Oct. 9)
2Servers II: GPUs and Background TasksStarting Week 2, Participation questions are due 24 hours before discussion meetings.

These are in addition to any tasks or readings your mentor assigned you.
3Software Development for Data Science
Watch this new video on command-line arguments in Python!
4Effective Communication and Scientific Writing
featuring Prof. Benjamin Smarr
MA 2 (due Oct. 31)Week 4 TA Check-In (complete by Oct. 27)
5Ethics and Values
by Prof. David Danks
MA 3 (due Nov. 8)
6GitMA 4 (due Nov. 16)Q1 Project Checkpoint (due Nov. 6)
7LaTeX, Markdown, and GitHub Pages (MA 5 due Nov. 27)
8No methodology lesson (Thanksgiving)
9Environments and Containerization (MA 6 due Dec. 13)Week 9/10 TA Check-In (complete by Dec. 5)
10Project ManagementQ1 Project (due Dec. 11)

Q2 Project Proposal (due Dec. 11)