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πŸ™‹ Participation (Quarter 2)

Note: If your domain mentor has their own specific instructions for this assignment, please defer to those. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

Each week before your domain meeting, your project group should meet separately to discuss your progress.* Then, as a group, 24 hours before discussion section, you should submit answers to the following prompts on Gradescope:

  • Where and when did your group meet this past week?
  • What did each group member do the previous week? Did each member meet the goals set out in the schedule? Were there unexpected obstacles? Do you need help overcoming them? Be sure you explicitly list what each group member did in the previous week.
  • What will each group member do next week? Are any of these tasks new and/or unexpected?
  • Have you strayed away from the project proposal? If so, how and why? Include an updated schedule with any changes. (Note that we expect your project proposal to change over time.)

To receive credit, you must write a 1-2 sentence response to each prompt, and include 1-2 sentences describing each group member’s specific contributions.

Every group member should be informed about the status of the tasks of all other group members; these answers serve as an audit trail for the work attempted during the quarter. In section, one member will be chosen to give an update for their group. Take the opportunity in your domain meeting to discuss any difficulties and/or changes with your project with your mentor and the other groups in your domain. Not only will this help you resolve any issues, but it’ll give you practice with communicating technical ideas.

Towards the end of the quarter, each group member will be individually asked to state what percentage of the final deliverables each group member contributed to, e.g. one person may say A did 30%, B did 40%, and C did 30%, while another may say A did 40%, B did 40%, and C did 20%. We will use your group submissions to these weekly participation assignments to calibrate these percentages and use them to potentially adjust final grades at the end of the quarter. Remember, everyone should be contributing to the project equally. With that said, be honest and matter-of-fact about the contributions each member can make; sometimes life gets in the way. If this is the case, update your schedule with these constraints, and your participation check-ins will reflect the division of labor.

Make sure that your group only makes one submission per week – do not each make separate submissions!

*These meetings should not be the only time you communicate – you should also have some form of asynchronous communication set up, whether that’s Slack, Discord, some other group chat, etc.