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📝 Report – Quarter 2 Project

last updated Monday, January 8th, 2024

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  • Checkpoint due Sunday, February 11th
  • Final submission due Thursday, March 14th
  • Graded by mentors

Your report should introduce and contextualize the problem you worked on, describe the methods used, state the results, and draw conclusions about the results. It should follow best practices in scientific writing, as laid out in Lesson 4. Note that if you’re building some sort of product, your report may look less like a traditional scientific paper and more like a ROI analysis of your product, and that’s fine – just make sure that early on, you’re clear on what your mentor’s expectations of your report are. Either way, all groups must write a paper.

A worthwhile Twitter thread to read.

As in Quarter 1, your report will need to be written in LaTeX, using the LaTeX template on Overleaf linked below.

Access the LaTeX template on Overleaf here.

Both the above template and the guidelines from Lesson 4 will provide you with suggested headings for your report, but it’s ultimately up to your mentor as to how they’d like you to organize your report.

Tip: The figures in your report should not be created from screenshots:

  • Tables should be imported from CSVs.
  • Plots should be saved programmatically (e.g. using plt.savefig) and imported (or converted from a notebook).

Checkpoint (due Sunday, February 11th)

The purpose of your report checkpoint is an opportunity to get feedback from your mentor. For your checkpoint, submit a PDF containing a draft of your report, with:

  • Headings for every section you plan to write (e.g. “Introduction”, “Methods”, “Results”, “Conclusion”, “Appendix”, “Contributions”). This will make it easy to fill in the remaining sections later.
  • A complete title, abstract, and introduction. You can reuse most of this from earlier work – say, your proposal or Quarter 1 Project report.
  • A mostly complete methods section – you should know what your methods are at this point!
  • An appendix section at the end that includes a copy of your latest project proposal for reference.
  • A contributions section at the end that details the tasks that each group member was responsible for so far.

Your checkpoint report should also be written in the aforementioned LaTeX template.

Follow the instructions here to submit your work.