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πŸ’» Code – Quarter 2 Project

last updated Monday, January 8th, 2024

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  • Checkpoint due Sunday, February 11th
  • Final submission due Thursday, March 14th
  • Graded by methodology staff

Your code artifact is a public GitHub repository that contains all code for building/reproducing your project. It should follow best practices for data science software development, as discussed in Lesson 3, to the extent possible. As was the case in Quarter 1, our primary ask is that your code is reproducible β€” that is, your repository should contain a README that describes exactly how someone should be able to run your code, in the same environment you used to create it. Don’t let this be you!

Your public GitHub repo should be updated incrementally and regularly to reflect your most recent work. Both at the checkpoint and at the end of the quarter, the commit history for your repo should show that each group member pushed code to the repo in regular intervals, not that all code was added right before the deadline – that’ll raise red flags 🚩. You may want to review Lesson 6 for pointers on how to collaborate with Git.

Checkpoint (due Sunday, February 11th)

The purpose of the code checkpoint is to verify that your code:

  • Is well documented and build instructions are found in In particular, there need to be instructions on how to recreate the environment used to develop the code, e.g. how to create the necessary conda environment or Docker image.
  • Is structured logically (e.g. uses build scripts, has library code in .py files rather than in notebooks, etc.)

Follow the instructions here to submit your work. You’ll need to start by creating an artifacts repository.