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Quarter 2 Week 3 TA Check-In

In Week 3 of Quarter 2 – that is, between Monday, January 22nd and Friday, January 26th – you are required to meet with your assigned TA in-person for 15 minutes. You can see your assigned TA in your group on both the Enrollment and Staff pages.

By the time you attend your Week 3 check-in, you’ll have been working on your project for over two weeks. The purpose of the check-in is to ensure that you’re making progress in the right direction, are not stuck anywhere, and are on track to meet the other checkpoint deadlines.

At your check-in, discuss the following:

  1. A short summary of your project.

  2. Your current status on the project, and what each group member is currently working on.

  3. Any challenges you may be facing and any questions you have regarding organizing your code.

This is different from your weekly domain meeting, in that this is more about making sure that your ideas and code are coming together coherently, rather than about specific implementation details.

You will check-in with your project group. When you sign up, include your group number (which was emailed to you by Suraj on January 7th). Under no circumstance should there be students from different project groups in the same block! If you can’t make any of your TA’s slots, send an email to both them and me explaining your circumstances.

To sign up for a check-in, go to this sheet. Make sure to sign up for a check-in with the correct TA! All check-ins are held in-person in the HDSI building; locations can be found in the sheet.

We previously noted that there would be a pre-check-in assignment, but we’ve gotten rid of that since you’ll be submitting your meeting notes document on Sunday, January 21st anyways.