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Quarter 1 Week 9/10 TA Check-In

In Week 9 or 10 – specifically, between Thursday, November 30th and Tuesday, December 5th – you are required to meet with your assigned TA in-person for 30 minutes. You can see your assigned TA on both the Enrollment and Staff pages.

There are a few goals for the second check-in of the quarter:

  1. To have all members of your group present a dry run of their Elevator Pitch for the Quarter 2 Project Proposal. Come prepared!
  2. To have your TA give you feedback on the structure and reproducibility of your Quarter 1 Project code. (Remember, your repo needs a that contains detailed instructions on how to run your code with various targets. See this newly released video for more details.)
  3. To give you an opportunity to communicate any concerns with your progress, group members, or mentor, before the Quarter 1 Project and Quarter 2 Project Proposal are both due. (Remember, both are due on Monday, December 11th.)

You will check-in with your project group of 2-4 for 30 minutes (note the longer slot time relative to the Week 4 TA Check-In). This means that you’ll need to already have your project group chosen before you sign up for a check-in. Under no circumstance should there be students from different project groups in the same block! If you can’t make any of your TA’s slots, send an email to both them and me explaining your circumstances.

To sign up for a check-in, go to this sheet. Make sure to sign up for a check-in with the correct TA! All check-ins are held in-person in the HDSI building; locations can be found in the sheet.