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🙋 Participation (Quarter 2)

All of the work you do this quarter will be done in your project group that you formed at the end of Quarter 1. It’s crucial that all group members are contributing equally to your project. Remember that at the end of Quarter 2, you’ll be required to submit a contributions statement as you did in Quarter 1, but the difference is your grade will be docked if it’s clear that you didn’t do your fair share of work on your project this quarter. Read the Product Management lesson from last quarter for tips on how to work effectively in groups.

As mentioned in the Syllabus, you’re required to meet as a group at least once per week outside of discussion section. Outside of both your domain meeting and separate meeting, your group should also have some form of asynchronous communication set up, whether that’s Slack, Discord, some other group chat, etc.

To document what each group member does each week, you’re required to fill out a running Google Doc each week, which we’ll call your “meeting notes” document, based on the template linked below. All groups must do this, no matter what other instructions or tasks your mentor has given you.

Access the meeting notes template here.

By running, we mean that you’ll be editing the same meeting notes document each week; your answers will only ever be entered in a single Google Doc throughout the quarter. Each week, you can either have each group member fill in what they did, or you can rotate whose job it is to document what everyone did. Either way, at the end of the quarter, the meeting notes document’s edit history should make it clear that everyone contributed equally to the “paper trail”, and we’ll use the document as evidence if there are claims that some group members didn’t contribute equally.

You’ll need to update the meeting notes document by Sunday at 11:59PM each week to reflect the work done in the previous week. You’ll also need to submit a PDF of the state of your entire meeting notes document by Sunday at 11:59PM each week to Gradescope. The first such deadline is Sunday, January 14th, when you’ll have to update your document and make a Gradescope PDF submission to reflect the work you did in Week 1. Your weekly participation grades will be based on your PDF submissions.

While you’ll submit a PDF of your meeting notes document to Gradescope each week, we also ask that you share your Google Doc with us so that we can look at its edit history. You’ll only need to share it with us once, at the start of the quarter, because you’re going to use the same file the whole quarter. To share your Google Doc with us, one group member should do this at the start of the quarter, before the first submission on Sunday, January 14th:

  1. Open the meeting notes template Google Doc using the big green button above.
  2. Go to File > Make a copy.
  3. Set the title of the copied document to Group XXX: Running Meeting Notes, where XXX is replaced with your group number. Your group number was sent in an email to you by Suraj over the break. For instance, if you’re Group A05-1, your document should be titled Group A05-1: Running Meeting Notes.
  4. Don’t click any other options, just click “Make a copy.”
  5. Click the “Share” button in the top right.
  6. In the “Add people and groups” box, enter the following people’s emails:
    • Suraj’s ( – make sure the email begins with an s and shows a picture of me).
    • Your TA’s, which you can find here.
    • Your mentor’s, which you can find here.
    • All of your group members.

Some additional guidance:

  • The first PDF submission is due on Sunday, January 14th; you must share your meeting notes document with us by then.
  • If you’re working alone, you should still follow the same steps.
  • Make sure that your group only makes one submission to Gradescope per week – do not each make separate submissions!