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🛠 Methodology Assignment 3

Before attempting this assignment, make sure to read Lesson 5. Submit this assignment to Gradescope by Wednesday, November 8th at 11:59PM. Post questions with the assignment on Ed.

As mentioned in Lesson 5, all groups will need to meet with Prof. David Danks in Quarter 2. The purpose of this Methodology Assignment is to have you start thinking about stakeholders and values in the context of a data science system you’re already used to so that it’s easier to identify these in your own project next quarter.

On Gradescope, address the following prompts:

  1. Briefly, describe some data science system with which you interact. Examples include Google’s search engine and a medical diagnostic system (though don’t use these examples).
  2. For that system, identify and provide a brief description of three different stakeholders. These stakeholders can be individuals or groups.
  3. For each stakeholder, identify and provide a brief description of two relevant values they may have.
  4. Explain at least one way or situation in which different stakeholders’ values could come into conflict.