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🛠 Methodology Assignment 2

Before attempting this assignment, make sure to read Lesson 4, and particular, that you’ve watched Professor Benjamin Smarr’s video. Submit this assignment to Gradescope by Tuesday, October 31st at 11:59PM. Post questions with the assignment on Ed.

  1. What is one thing Dr. Smarr said in the video that you disagree with, or that you think he should have said differently? Use one sentence to identify your concern, and one sentence to offer an alternative that satisfies your concern. Try to constrain your answer to the format of the video (i.e., instead of “he should have talked about this longer” try to offer a rephrasing or alternative topic that would take the same time).

  2. Offer critical, constructive feedback about the following sentence. Point out one thing that you feel weakens the sentence, why you feel that way, and provide an alternative:

    Machine learning models are really really good for recognizing the difference between pictures of cats and dogs because they can be deep and because people have spent a lot of time.

  3. You have done a wonderful capstone project. You want to present your work to a company you’re hoping hires you, and to your family to show them what you’ve been doing. Describe two things you would change between these two presentations about the same work you did.

  4. An additional challenge for data visualization is just making sure you didn’t leave off important details, and that your data are easy to see. Identify three things you could add or change to improve the following graph’s communication efficacy or clarity.