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πŸ›  Methodology Assignment 1

Before attempting this assignment, make sure to read Lesson 1 – it will be significantly more time-consuming if you don’t read the lesson and watch the associated video first. Submit this assignment to Gradescope by Monday, October 9th at 11:59PM. Post questions with the assignment here.

Make sure to also complete the Welcome Survey and submit it with Methodology Assignment 1!

Follow the steps below.

  1. On GitHub, create a private repository called DSC180A-Methodology-1.
  2. Using SSH, log into a jumpbox server on DSMLP. Don’t run a launch script just yet – only do that in step 6.
  3. While on the jumpbox server, clone the Git repository you created. Then, change directories into repository (cd DSC180A-Methodology-1).
  4. Run the command uname -a > uname-jumpbox.txt. This saves a snapshot of your server information to a file named uname-jumpbox.txt.
  5. Run echo ~ > homedir.txt. This stores the path to your home directory in a file named homedir.txt. At this point, the DSC180A-Methodology-1 folder should have 2 files in it – uname-jumpbox.txt and homedir.txt.
  6. Use a launch script, like, to initialize a container. This will bring you to your home directory once again.
  7. Change directories back into your repository again (cd DSC180A-Methodology-1). Now, run uname -a > uname-container.txt.
  8. Open a Jupyter Notebook using the URL that appeared when you ran the launch script, either through port forwarding or the campus VPN.
  9. Copy the exact URL that appeared when you ran the launch script. Suppose that URL was XXX. Run the command echo XXX > notebook-url.txt. This will create a file named notebook-url.txt with your notebook’s URL in it. To verify that this worked correctly, run cat notebook-url.txt and you should see your URL.
  10. Commit and push your changes to GitHub. Your repository should have 4 files in it – uname-jumpbox.txt, homedir.txt, uname-container.txt, and notebook-url.txt.
  11. Submit the GitHub repository to Gradescope under Methodology Assignment 1.

You’ll be able to see your score right when you submit; make sure you receive a full score.